St Lucia Golf Course Bush Care Group

Photos July August 2022

These photos are from the working bee on the 3rd July.

Ready to tackle weeding in Zone 8- Chukpe, Ross, Susan, Roslyn, Pax, Ineke (our HB Officer) and Margaret.

Ross with a herbaceous weed charmingly known as Thickhead.

Margaret working in Zone 8.

Photos from 28th August working bee organised by Brian.

Jamie using bladed brushcutter to cut paths
Both machines at work cutting pads for canopy trees to be planted
Marie about to let loose with advanced regen tekkers. Hedger to curtain cut vine weeds off trees.
London getting into it. Was impressive in his commitment to continue.
Ben having a turn
Kyra gassed out after having a turn.
Jaiden spraying glycine
Marie disturbed from deep concentration. Scrape painting glycine and ballon vine
Ben and estela treating curtain cut vines with herbicide
Mirrin showing great strength and stamina. The star on the machine. 
Jamie taking on the big tasks. Strong. 
Afternoon of treating what they had prepared for themselves. Vine canopy provides shade but is also Tick central. Some trainees removing up to 6 ticks