St Lucia Golf Course Bush Care Group

Photos June - July 2021

On June 27th, the group undertook further follow-up work at the two sites recently planted – Glycine Valley near the high bridge over Sandy Creek and also on the slope near the seventh tee. A number of UQ students came along to assist in this. Activities included watering and  in-fill planting.

Work finished at 10.30 followed by brunch at the 100 Acre Bar at 11am.

Extensive fruiting of one of the fig trees on the course.

A working bee was held on Sunday morning 25th July in bright and blustery conditions. 

Don Brian, Ross, Chukpe, Jane, Margaret, Shanu and Collette weeded and watered the two recently planted areas bordering Sandy Creek.

Margaret hard at work.

Ross dealing with some substantial well rooted weeds.

Shanu busy planting

A banana smoothie was just the ticket!

It was not all hard work. Several of us enjoyed a light such at Forages, Taringa afterwards.

A recent before image of glycine valley – an update to follow.