St Lucia Golf Course Bush Care Group

Photos March April 2024

Working in zone 8 – 3rd March

On March 3, a small group worked hard hand-pulling innumerable weeds from around the new plantings along the northern edge of Zone 8. The weeds comprised comellina, dischoriste, and coral berry, as well as small cat’s claw and balloon vines.

Working on 14th April

Ross with a friendly water-dragon.

Note the red pigment on his anterior chest- this is the male’s breeding season embellishment!

Beautiful spider webbing sparkling in the morning light!

Marasmius haematocephalus

Pax and Brian.

Reed and Yihao working hard pulling out comellina in Zone 8. Glycine Valley has been renamed Comellina Canyon! 

The  slope of Zone 8 after comellinas have been pulled out.

Ross heading off on his active transport after a hard morning’s weeding.

Phillipsia subpurpurea – a saprophytic fungus