St Lucia Golf Course Bush Care Group

Photos May-June 2023

Photos May 23 – Zone 3

Margaret clearing weeds from Lomandra.

Ben, Pax and Boris.


The evolving forest in Zone 3.

Views of zone 8

Queensland long-leaf wattle (Acacia longifolia – sophorae)

Jane hard at work.



The plantings in Zone 8 are flourishing!

Silver wattle

Photos June 25th Zone 1.

Robyn and Amy

A few photos showing various sections of Zone 9 with the evolving forest plants growing very happily.

Some more photos of Zones 8 and 9.

Susan and Margaret relaxing at the 100 Acre Bar. Susan and Ralph kindly brought along delicious citrus fruits from their urban garden.

 A kookaburra taking a lizard to its nest in a termite colony. Photo taken by Pax.

Reid, Chukpe, Amy, Margaret, Robyn, Ben, David, Rouden and Jane.

Brian explaining the finer points of Bushcare to Reid, Jordan and Ben.

A kookaburra inspecting the works.

Jordan, Ross, Robyn and Ralph at the 100 Acre Bar. Dr Ralph dissecting a delicious finger lime. No scurvy in that group!

Photos from zones 8 and 9 Sunday 23rd July

Rouden pausing to admire the prolific flowering of the silver wattle.

Rouden with another collection of plastics destined for Moreton Bay and the turtles and dugongs there but for his efforts.

Collette posing with the silver wattle.